If you’ve ever lived with roommates, you know just how wild things can get from time to time.

From small arguments over who’s turn it is to wash the dishes to full blown fights over privacy invasion, there’s always something going on.

In a way, roommates are a bit like brothers, except they pay rent (most of them) so you have to put up with them.

Of course, when it comes to putting up with your roommate’s oddities, no one does it as well as Leonard Hofstadter and his seemingly endless patience towards his best friend, and roommate, Sheldon Cooper.

While a good chunk of Leonard’s inhuman tolerance to Sheldon’s peculiarities has to do with Leonard’s patience, it also involves their legendary Roommate Agreement, a long, long, long series of rules Leonard agreed to before moving in with Sheldon.

When writing the Roomate Agreement, Sheldon seemed to have thought of everything as some of the things covered include…

20Swimming at Bill Gates’ House


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